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CS_LogoFounded in 2005, CyberSavvy understands that today’s companies deserve powerful products, access to innovation, cutting edge technology, and the technical expertise to remain competitive in the ever-changing business arena. Now more than ever, your business survival depends upon improving efficiencies and getting more, for less.

Through DataPlace, our powerful computing platform that can be used to develop mission-critical applications in minutes, not days, and Project360, our customizable, pre-built performance and tracking application, CyberSavvy successfully combines infrastructure, application development, and the flexibility of cloud computing to help businesses achieve more success . Whether you’re managing sales leads, proprietary processes or ideas, business and performance activity, records, or time sensitive communications, CyberSavvy removes traditional IT dependencies and provides a reliable software and system alternative with full accountability and reporting.

Instead of building costly, hard to manage IT systems or one-off, custom applications that will be quickly obsolete, consider CyberSavvy. With our massive computing platform, top-tier data center, customizable solutions, and SaaS delivery, CyberSavvy.Net has the scale, performance and security to meet all of your business data needs at less cost, with superior support and more agility

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